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Drains and Excavation in Claremore, Tulsa, Owasso and Pryor

Drain pipe

Quality Services to Keep Your Plumbing Running Smoothly

ABC Plumbing Heat & Air fully services residential and commercial drains. We offer cleaning, jetting, camera and locating services for any drain line to keep it clear.
Take a look at our services below. If the assistance you are looking for is not listed, give us a call anyway, and we will do anything we can to help.


Bio-Clean is a blend of bacteria and enzymes used as a preventative maintenance on your drains to keep them clean. It “eats” away at the waste that has accumulated around your drain pipes. Bio-Clean is:
Safe – it is non-poisonous
Effective – starts working within an hour
Economical – 100 treatments per 2-lb. container
Multi-purpose – can be used on all drain lines


Roots, foreign objects, collapsed lines, improper grade and a variety of other issues can back up your drain line. We can cable and unplug any drain line to city main lines or septic tanks. Our professionals guide cutting blades through drain lines to remove or push through the drains to clear the pipe and restore proper drainage flow.
ABC Plumbing Heat & Air uses only top-of-the-line equipment for our cabling work. We have a Spartan 1065 Sewer Machine, a national sewer machine for larger jobs, and a Spartan 300 Sink Machine for smaller tasks.

Excavation Services

Our professionals locate, repair, and replace water, sewer and gas lines that come into your home. We offer a 10-year guarantee on our work and ensure your sewer will not back up for 1 year after excavation work is complete.
Our experts perform excavation work with a 580 Super L Backhoe and Mini Excavator, Trenching, Box Blading with a Massey-Ferguson Tractor/Box Blade, directional boring and sod replacement. We also have a superior landscaping subcontractor available, if needed.

Video Camera Inspection and Location

With our quality Rigid color camera and our Rothenberg video cameras, ABC Plumbing Heat & Air can inspect your water lines, sewer lines and duct system quickly and thoroughly. We can also locate where all the utilities on the property run with our superior Sub-Site 750 Tracking System and our laser locating system. If a problem is found, you can count on our experts to repair it.

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